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Dialog Box Example

Darren O'Connor writes:

While reading the chapter on dialogs, I decided to try and implement the dialog box of figure 7.3, which includes a label and entry box, in addition to two buttons. I wanted to be able to retrieve which button had been clicked, and what text the user had entered.

Doing this required me to download the API documentation for the GLIB, GTK+ and GNOME interfaces. I found a few quirks I had to deal with and have documented the code liberally to show how I got the program to work. I hope others will find this useful, and that anyone else reading the book and experimenting would also share their code examples, as I am with the attached file. In addition to the source code, I'm including the and files, so you can use the examples in the book of how to use these to easily install the application.

One note on the config/make procedures. I had to use the -I option for the aclocal call, and include the directory where all of my GNOME .m4 macros were at:

aclocal -I /home/odarren/gnome_macros


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